Wild-swimming in the Windrush

On our way home from Upton Upon Severn we stopped for our first ever wild-swim in the River Windrush near Minster Lovell.

The river is accessible from the ruins of Minster Lovell Hall  and was a very refreshing break on our long hot car journey.

It was a great site for our first ever attempt at wild-swimming, easy to enter the water and just enough other swimmers around to give us confidence without it being too crowded.


Dusk on the River Severn

Two images taken at dusk on the River Severn at Upton On Severn.

Fishing at Dusk
Fishing at Dusk

The two fishermen below had to move quite swiftly out of the way.


Flies at Dusk
Flies at Dusk

I like the thousands of little flies in the sunlight.

Dusk in Bruges

We have been to Bruges a number of times, we love the beer and an aimless amble through the streets and along the canals late in the day can be very relaxing.

A number of the bridges can be raised to allow boat traffic to pass.

This magpie was obviously used to being fed by the residents of the house we were staying in or at least cleaning up after us.


Tide Mills

Tide Mills is a derelict village in East Sussex, between Newhaven and Seaford, on Seaford bay (above).  There was a small archaeology group excavating on the day I visited and there is also the remains of a WW1 Sea Plane base.

There is a lot of birdlife in the scrub around the villages remains and this female Serin was flying up and down amongst it long enough for me to change lens.






Black and White wander around St Paul’s

Hurrying towards City Thameslink to catch a train home I walked around St Paul’s cathedral grounds, attempting to capture some non-touristy images.

There is a statue recently placed on the steps to St Paul’s, Mark Wallinger’s ‘Ecce Homo’, which is fantastically lifelike.  At first I thought it was a “living statue” and I even saw some tourists putting there arms around it for pictures!

Ecce Homo on the steps
Mark Wallinger’s ‘Ecce Homo’ statue looking askance at tourists on the steps to St Paul’s
Ecce Homo at the door of St Pauls
Mark Wallinger’s ‘Ecce Homo’ statue installed at St Paul’s Cathedral

This one would have benefited from being a bit more horizontal, I seemed to have developed a 20 degree list, but the principle was good.

It's not straight




Another wander around Lewes

I took a wander around Lewes with a friend following a walking tour which involved a certain amount of pubs.  However there were some new finds for me.

Following the River Ouse as it flows seaward we came across a house which apparently featured on the Grand Designs TV program and a couple of unusual houseboats.

The church of St John sub Castro, Lewes, has been under renovation every time I’ve passed but this time with a map we found it’s interesting and beautiful churchyard.

People in the City

The club has invited members to submit images for the web site showcase pages and as I happened to be in the City (Westminster, central London) and lacked images to enter in the “people” or “urban” categories so I took my camera.


Low Tide

I enjoyed the previous low tide trip so tried another.  This time the low tide was even lower at 0.31m but was slightly later than the best of “golden hour” and rather cloudy.

Jogger towards the West Pier
Jogger on the sand heading towards the West Pier

I don’t know what the guy on the right had done but he is a little ashamed and his friends are enjoying themselves.

What did he do?
What did he do?

I was able to walk under the Palace Pier and look up at the golf cart, it is surprising how thin the wooden slats look from below.

Cart on the Pier from below
Yes that is how thin the wood is!

Church of the Good Shepherd

Above the town of Alfriston, Sussex, on the South Downs is the Church of the Good Shepherd.  I attempted an early morning visit, parked in a lay-by on the Lullington Road and hiked up the South Downs Way in a chill breeze.

Alfriston St Andrews
A view of Alfriston and St Andrews Church on my way up the South Downs Way.

The church stands on a small rise in a small churchyard with few graves.

Church of the Good Shepherd
Church of the Good Shepherd from the entrance to it’s grounds.

Leaving the grounds of the church I wandered up along the South Downs way again, the wind was keeping the clouds moving quite quickly and so the colour of the immature crops was changing constantly.

Green Crops
Green Crops and Racing Clouds

I had parked near one of the streams that forms the drainage system for the farmland in the flood plain.

Floodplain of the River Cuckmere near Alfriston



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