Golden Hour Low Tide

For the last couple of weeks I have been waiting for the combination of early morning, low tide, golden hour and good weather.  But this week while the rest of the county has had sunny if cold mornings Brighton has been experiencing heavy fog all day.  This morning was almost right, the low point of the tide was just at the end of the golden hour, so I had some success in what I was trying to do.

These are images I planned to take, the idea being to avoid the classic long pier shot, but  they are not as interesting as I had hoped.

I much prefer these images taken with a wider setting and proof that Brighton’s pebble beach has flashes of tropical sand.

Proof of Brighton's Sand
The proof that Brighton has a sandy beach….well until the tide heads back in.
Early Morning Walk at Low Tide
A very early morning walk, but the dog looks happy with the sand.
Reflections in the Sand
I cannot resist a reflection, and this one is in wet sand and the tidal wash.



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