Runnymede in Autumn

Some images from a recent wander through the woods and fields near Runnymede.

Autumn at RunnymedeAutumn at Runnymede


Whitchurch Canonicorum

On a journey back from a break in Cornwall (hopefully I’ll get time to post some images from that shortly) we stopped in the tiny village of Whitchurch Canonicorum and the church of  Church of St Candida and Holy Cross which is unusual as being the only religious site (other than Westminster Abbey) in England to have survived the Reformation with its relics intact.

Shrine of Saint Wite (Latinised as Saint Candida)
The only shrine in Britain to have survived the Reformation with its relics intact, apart from that of Saint Edward the Confessor in Westminster Abbey

But is obviously still a working church.

It has some fun exterior and interior gargoyles.

And walking around the back shows a fascinating mix of architecture acquired in it’s long life.

Jumble of Architecture
Church of St Candida and Holy Cross.



In fact my first visit to Spain (not counting a trip to Menorca in my youth) and a woefully late blog posting.  We loved the city, excellent food, a fantastic visit to the Prado and will definitely be returning.

Selfie at Catedral de la Almudena
The steps of the Catedral de la Almudena were crowded with people taking selfies, so it seemed the natural shot.
Reflections in Catedral de la Almudena
Reflections in Catedral de la Almudena

Some “street” shots, the last I left in colour as the washed out blues and yellows in of the background appeal to me.


Jervaulx Abbey and surrounds

We took a walk around Jervaulx Abbey, across the River Ure, through Thornton Steward and back through surprisingly flat country side for the Yorkshire dales.

Plantation 2010
A plantation of trees which had grown since 2011 when the Google Maps images were taken.
View from the bridge over the River Ure, I love the purple of the heather on the mountain.
Another type of Treehouse
Just along from St Oswald’s church in Thornton Steward is this surprising door in a rotten (but still living) tree.

Longnor Sunsets

Longnor is a small village in the Staffordshire moorlands near Buxton in the Peak District.  A few years ago we discovered the Buxton Opera Festival and it has become an annual tradition to visit for the festival and stay in Longnor.

Longnor Sunset

View from the back garden

Wild-swimming in the Windrush

On our way home from Upton Upon Severn we stopped for our first ever wild-swim in the River Windrush near Minster Lovell.

The river is accessible from the ruins of Minster Lovell Hall  and was a very refreshing break on our long hot car journey.

It was a great site for our first ever attempt at wild-swimming, easy to enter the water and just enough other swimmers around to give us confidence without it being too crowded.

Dusk on the River Severn

Two images taken at dusk on the River Severn at Upton On Severn.

Fishing at Dusk
Fishing at Dusk

The two fishermen below had to move quite swiftly out of the way.


Flies at Dusk
Flies at Dusk

I like the thousands of little flies in the sunlight.

Dusk in Bruges

We have been to Bruges a number of times, we love the beer and an aimless amble through the streets and along the canals late in the day can be very relaxing.

A number of the bridges can be raised to allow boat traffic to pass.

This magpie was obviously used to being fed by the residents of the house we were staying in or at least cleaning up after us.


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