Welcome to the Sussex Weald

On an early morning, social distancing, lock-down, walk in the Sussex Weald last weekend it struck me how many unfriendly PRIVATE and KEEP OUT signs we had walked passed and I said to Laura, next week I’ll take a picture of each one for an Instagram post.

Turns out I made a bit of a rod for my own back as this weekend….



And then we reached the quarry with the largest signage budget in the country.

Early morning socially distanced ramble in the Sussex High Weald

The Sussex High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty…..well says it all really.

We started in the village of Slaugham and walked in a long circle through the villages of Warninglid and Bolney (with a side visit to the Bolney Vineyard).

St Mary's Church Slaugham
St Mary’s Church, Slaugham
River of Buttercups
River of Buttercups
Fallow Deer

Peru and the Inca Trail: Trek Day 3

Day 3 was the trek to the highest point of the trail, Dead Woman’s Pass.


Peru and the Inca Trail: Saqsaywaman

Above Cusco is the ancient Inca site of Saqsaywaman, reached via set of steep (but not as steep as on the trail) from Cusco.

The Climb to Saqsaywaman
The Stairs to Saqsaywaman

Also know as Saqsaywaman, Sacsayhuamán, Sacsayhuaman, Sacsahuaman, Saxahuaman, Saksaywaman, Sasawaman, Saksawaman, Sacsahuayman, Sasaywaman[3] or Saksaq Waman according to Wiki.

The site is not far from the Cristo Blanco, a white statue of Christ which looks down over Cusco.

Cristo Blanco

The above is sadly the last (for now I hope) image taken with my Tamron 18-200 which stopped working from this point meaning every other shot was taken with a 24mm Canon Prime.

Cloud shadow over Cusco from Saqsaywaman
Cloud shadow over Cusco from Saqsaywaman
Saqsaywaman Snake Walls
The Walls of Saqsaywaman supposedly shaped like lightening

The stratigraphy of the rock would probably mean more to me if I new more about geogology, it is certainly at a right angle to the current ground and polishes nicely for fun sliding up and down.



Peru and the Inca Trail: Cusco Parades

Our first experience of Peru was a wander around Cusco feeling somewhat grubby after the flights, elated to be starting our holiday and wondering what was altitude sickness and was jet-lag.  Later we would find that Cusco has amazing parades every Sunday but our first visit to the Plaza de armas de Cusco was after the parades and so we found these guys resting on the stets to the cathedral, in their vibrant yellow jackets.

The 2nd February Band
The 2nd February Band on the steps Cusco Cathedral

On later visits we met naughty small Gorillas and some amazing costumes.

And on our last day an Inca Parade including the King, Queen and Mummies.





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